Leadership Goals for 2014

December 2nd, 2013 | By

  • Grow closer to God
  • Be more intentional with others
  • Be more conscious of self
  • Increase emotional intteligence

Leadership Reflection 2013

December 2nd, 2013 | By

Strengths – My leadership strengths are my responsibility, communication, authenticity, and the ability to bring people together through creative yet relatable means. I will take advantage of these abilities but continuing to use them to help others and enhancing my communication so that messages are concise, clear cut and understood.


Areas of Improvement -My leadership areas of improvement include emotional intelligence, humor, and having a sense of urgency. I have to be able to use more emotional intelligence while dealing with others to better show empathy towards them and their situations. I can also be less humorous and more diligent about when tasks are due. I typically wait until the last minute to do things which doesn’t leave me much chance for error or allow me the chance to improve my work.



My leadership philosophy has truly developed this year. I went from thinking leadership was all about having a managing followers to now knowing leadership is a way of living. To be a leader, one must be in-tune not only with self, but with others as well. I think the greatest thing I learned about leadership was to be authentic – Be who you say you are. Keep your word. Communicate when the situation applies to others. – Many with leadership qualities fail to be authentic because their focus goes from being all about people, to being all about profit. My vision is to make sure that money is never in my focus. I would rather be broke and help people in hopes that they would want to help me in return than to put my hope in money that won’t last 5 minutes after I get it. “I just want to help people” – Brandon B-Fye Salinas.

The things that I value are honesty, trust, communication, responsibility, and most importantly, Love!!! All of which are essential to my leadership development as I cannot be authentic if I don’t show the things I value in my own actions. The one value that is most important in my development is Love. Love will oversee and coverup the multitude of wrong that others will throw at you, and the wrong you yourself will do to people whether it be on accident or on purpose. Love helps you provide grace for the wrong others done to you so that grace will be provided to you regarding your wrong doings. I know and understand that I’m not perfect, so in order to be able to truly help others, I have to Love them.


The positive power of our words

May 9th, 2013 | By

Consider this – “a harsh word stirs up anger but a calm word turns away wrath.” (Proverbs 15:1)


In other words, regardless of what another brother or sister says to us, we ALL have the ability to turn away the anger brought upon us by another’s words by remaining calm, and showing love in our rebuttal.

I must say, this is not an easy task to accomplish but by becoming more self-aware of when we feel anger rising in us, and not saying what we would normally say when someone “wrongs” us, we can begin to see improvements in our behavior regarding our attitude.


We have to be able to show Love, even when others don’t show it to us. This is not an easy task either, but I must say, it is very doable, and very rewarding. People will begin to express apologies for their wrong doing without us having to “make” someone apologize by lashing out like we “normally” would. We also won’t feel the need to operate out of pride in argumentative situations to prove our point to others or to prove someone else wrong as we boast in being right.


Just as a reminder as to what Love is, refer to 1 Corinthians 13:1-13